About Me

I am a multidisciplinary designer, who is based in Hong Kong and London. Treating people and subjects with care is an essential characteristic of my design practice. I care about the work I created, using techniques across design disciplines, from visual communication to film and from material design to the illustration that is most suitable for the project. I care about the society I live in by creating socially engaged projects.


2020 - 2021 (Remote)  

2017 - 2020 (London)  

MSc Digital Media Design (Online Learning) at University of Edinburgh

BA (Hons) Design - First Class Honours
at Goldsmiths, University of London


2020 Jun - Aug (Hong Kong)  

Design Intern in Enable Foundation

  • Participate in the design research and co-creation workshops in the Dementia Hong Kong Programme, using participatory design to create a more dementia-friendly society.

  • Assist in the planning of the Dementia Showcase exhibition

  • Designing digital archive, website or system to present research outcomes and collected data

2019 Jun - Aug (Hong Kong)  

Design Intern in Whitehole Design

  • Assisting Art Director with graphic execution & mockups (layout design, illustration & interior design mockup)

  • Develop digital solutions for brands such as Kanda-ya

  • Exhibition research and proposal for Finland's Consulate and Finnish brands

  • Market Research & site analysis

About my practice

I have done different socially engaged design projects with a variety of topics and interests, ranging from city culture to tourism. I care about the city I was born in and currently live in. I care about the people surrounding me and unfamiliar with. I care about people’s action and their potential impact.


To situate my project’s identity, I draw influences from disciplines across and beyond design such as anthropology and sociology. The outcomes of the projects are sensitive and specific to a group of people.


For my client’s project, I care about their needs. Each project is created through thorough research and experimentation based on my multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience.

I used different ways and tools to express my ideas and thoughts. My practice chooses meaning over method, employing techniques from different design disciplines that is the best for that particular task. This post-disciplinary approach creates and bring to traditional design work. 

I am always learning new techniques for my task at hand. I also work on other design work other than the examples listed here. I am open to challenging to work on inexperienced fields.