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Stockwell Skatepark


This project aims to tickle the “cultural difference” between the Stockwell Skatepark in Brixton and its neighbourhood. Within the park, you can experience its unique street culture that is full of graffitis. Outside of the park is a clean and quiet neighbourhood. The “cultural difference” create misunderstanding, worries and concerns.

Three interventions are created for the Skatepark, aiming to bridge the gap between the communities of skateboarders and local residents. The first intervention is an observative rump for people to watch the sport safely and closely in order for people to understand this sport and its culture more. The second intervention is a skateboard bench that invites people to come into the park and ease. The third one is a movable obstacle for newcomers, making skateboarding easier to master. Each intervention has a different level of engagement in the skateboarding community from passive to active involvement.

Produced in collaboration with Dooyung Kang, Chiaki Sakai, Vanessa Van, Maya Marangi, Natalie Galvau

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