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View London

A subvertive souvenir store for an authentic tourism



View London is a souvenirs store that aims to change and subvert current London souvenirs. Current souvenirs are repetitive, poorly made and designed objects that are "Made in China". The store presented a different version of the British capital from what you normally see during your travelling experience. It caters for a more authentic kind of tourism through the collection of souvenirs, including aspects of the environment, political, places and tourist. Click the button below to check out the store:

Produced in collaboration with Chiaki Sakai, Daphne H-J, Lisa McCormack, Sydney Nagahiro, Sunghee Park, Soojin Yeo

Pop-up store

On the 16th of April, we created a pop-up souvenir store in Trafalgar Square to display and sell our souvenirs. The store engaged Londoners and tourist in a meaning interaction, surrounding the experience of this city and souvenirs that represent them. The London wildlife animal collection receive really positive responses!

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Souvenir Product Catalogue

Each unique and covering different aspects of the city.


London Animals

Stamp Collection

A collection of stamp as souvenirs allowing the tourist to explore the city with urban myths about these animals.

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london urban wildlife final.gif
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