Domestic Bureaucracy

A fictional bureaucratic state dominating people with paperwork

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This project originally stemmed from my hatred for paperwork. Approaching adulthood, I have involved in different legislative processes that ended up in endless form filling, leading to my doubt on the effectiveness and usefulness of paper forms. To embodies this hate, I exaggerate the meaningless of extensive paperwork through implementing the bureaucratic system in a domestic system with a kit and a series of commercials. This kit provides you with documents and props for an office set up. Anyone can become the authority in the flat that dictates your flatmate’s behaviours. This system regulates and runs the house in the “most efficient, harmonic and tension-less way”.



The domestic bureaucratic kit

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Office Setup

Document & guidance booklet 

The design of these documents aimed to show the dullness of paperwork and forms by using a lot of tables, stamps, letterhead and fonts such as Times. To view the guidance booklet, click the button below.